How to reset all credentials in Netsight?

I can still login as "root" to the underlying linux VM for Netsight, but for some reason I can't authenticate to Oneview or the Java apps. I must have messed up something in the user database inside Netsight, but since this is a new installation I'd be happy enough just to start from scratch. How can I set the user database back to factory defaults in Netsight?

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Reid, to restore the database, in Console, select Tools > Server Information. Then choose the Database tab, Restore, and then finally select the 'Restore Initial Database' radial button.

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So if I unterstand your post correctly you can't access the Netsight GUI.

If that is the case you might find the answer to your problem right here....

You'd set Netsight back to local authentication and as you've root access generate a new user to access the system - or use the root account.
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If the installation is VM you'd also just delete the VM image and install from scratch....