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How to set policy for drop STP packet


How to setting policy for deny STP packet?
Our network become very slow, because our wireless APs has transmit a lot STP packet.

Our switch is b5 series and K series.

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The '
set spantree portadmin
{enable | disable}
' command will enable/disable the Spanning Tree protocol on a per-port basis as long as STP is globally enabled (this is the default). If per-port spantree portadmin is disabled, any received BPDUs will be discarded and no BPDUs will be transmitted out this port. This command has no effect if STP is globally disabled ('
set spantree stpmode none

So, with spantree remaining globally enabled on the B5-Series or K-Series switch, just...

set spantree portadmin
<[code]AP-connected port[/code]>

Two additional points:
  • Upon initial configuration, the resulting change to the existing Spanning Tree topology may be detected and reported as such.
  • With this firewalling of STP intercommunication, the protocol will no longer protect against network loops made possible by a combination of wired and wireless redundancy.