how to transfer netsight license to new host ?

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Hello everyone !

I have a NetSight installation running at the customer. The license NMS-ADV-5 was activated and installed in 12/2016 on EMC 7.0 . Then some additional licenses (NMS-ADV-10, NMS-ADV-25) were installed.
Now I need to move those licenses to new host, where EMC 8.0 would be probably installed (or 8.1 - not decided yet). The old host would be used as a secondary NAC gateway only.

Is there any procedure required to rehost this license to new host? Or it's just enough to copy existing, already redeemed license from extranet to new EMC installation ?


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NMS licenses not not "node locked". You do not need to rehost the license, but you will likely need to upgrade it for use with Extreme Management Center 8.0.