How to use the Netsight to sending alarm when port without inline-power supply?

The Extreme switch X440 PoE fail always without error log.
When the PoE fail, CLI "show inline-power info" will return timeout.
Can I using the Netsight to notice me that the inline-power is fail?
And how to create the alarm when the port without inline-power supply?

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Does Netsight receive a syslog message or a trap?
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Which EXOS version is running on the switch?
The X440 version is
There is no PoE error log. So Netsight can't receive the error.
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Hi Chan,

Could you please check if you see any messages in the log like below:

06/26/2014 20:41:01.16 Slot-1: poePlusInit: Initialization failed Slot-1 DESWMUELEO13-OG4.2 # show inline-p sl 1 Timeout occured while retrieving information from hardware.[/code]Usually, we will have the poe plus init failure in the logs. May be this could be sent to the syslog server.
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The PoE failures (Hardware and EXOS version) are similar to article:
Switch loses Power Over Ethernet until next rebooted

The recommendation is to contact GTAC for further investigation.
I have found that the error message "Erro:HAL.Card.Error".
And how to use the syslog to trigger netsight sending the email?
Thank you guys!
I have create the alarm with the Syslog message.
It works!
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I wanted to see if we could setup this alarm too. In the netsight (6.3) console, I go into Alarms Manager to add a new alarm for this, but I can't find how to either pick the HAL.Card.Error or enter it in manually. I can't figure out what I'm missing. Under the criteria tab I have the options: by event, by selected trap, by custom criteria, by device status change, by threshold or by flow. I can't find anything in the selected trap options, so thought custom criteria might be promising not sure. Could anyone direct me?

Thank you,

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Hi Sarah,

you'd set it in the "custom criteria" section in the alarm manager.

I.e. in the below example I trigger on an Syslog event that includes the phrase "AP370".


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Thanks Ron, I looked into that but can't seem to find a generic inline power issue phrase. We have security cameras and another brand of wireless APs (not extreme).....

We did have a power supply stop giving power this weekend and got an alert this time so maybe it's reporting..

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