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iBoss configuration - ofconnect; ignore usernames

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Working with an End Customer on a NAC deployment with iBoss integration.

Within the OFConnect configuration for iBoss, under 'Specific Configuration' there is the field 'Ignore usernames that contain'. We have used that effectively for one aspect of the deployment. However, the customer would like to ignore another username that does not share the same attribute. What is the delimiter to add a 2nd username value so both will be ignored? We had done some testing with common delimiters, comma, semi-colon etc., but the account info was still passed on to iBoss.

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Hi Bill,

I just asked Engineering and they said it should be a semi-colon delimiter. If that's not working, I would recommend calling into GTAC to help troubleshoot why it's not.


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Hi Bill, Sorry this one went so long without a response. I hope you'll join us again on The Hub and that Tyler's response helps to point you in the right direction.