Import / Move, Roles / Rules between domains in Extreme Control

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Just wondered if there is a means to just port specific Roles / Rule between domains. It looks like you can do it on mass, but not individually.

The reason I might want to do this, for example:- I have a test domain and want to port roles / rules over that I've tested working, or I simply have some in other domains that I would like to replicate.

It looks like you can copy Roles / Rules within the domain, but not between domains, but then again I could be missing something?

Many thanks in advance.

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1. You can import all roles/services/rules and later delete those you do not want.
2. you can copy services to global services and use the same service in multiple domains.


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Hi Pala,

Thanks for getting back.

The first option is a problem in my case, as I wouldn't want to overwrite, replace, or merge anything in my production domain with those from my test other than the ones I want obviously, but the second option could possibly work.

Will give it a go.