In Netsight, how do I push out a config template to a summit switch connected on the Mgmt port only?

I am not able to push out a config to a switch that is only connected via the Mgmt port. I can't see anywhere where I can specify that the TFTP connection, from the Netsight server, use vr-mgmt instead of vr-default. I specifically want to use this when setting up new switches, in my lab.

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Can you check the ensure that the Netsight TFTP service is running? If on Windows go to the task bar notification area of your desktop (at the lower right) and locate the services manager icon (small E) and right click it. Select exit from the menu, and then start > Programs > all programs > startup > NetSight Services Manager. This should restart the service.

Make sure the file is located in /tftpboot/firmware/images directory, Go to the inventory manager and select the device you want to upgrade. Then click on the image information tab in the right frame. In the MIB and Scripts Overrides section, click on the Firmware Download MIB and select Script, Configuration MIB and select Script and Device Family Definition File Name pulldown and select the VR to use to transfer files to/from the switch. ExtremeXOS – TFTP uses VR-Default, ExtremeXOS – TFTP (VR-Mgmt) uses VR-Mgmt. In this case we are using VR-Mgmt.

Make sure to save your selection by clicking the Save button near the top right of the window:

Then go to the Inventory Manager and right click on the device you want to upgrade and click Wizards > Firmware Upgrade Wizard.

The Firmware Upgrade Wizard (Device Selection) will appear and the device you selected should appear in the right frame of the window. Select it and click Next (If the device is not listed on the right, select the device from the left frame and click the Add button. It should then appear on the right side.) The Firmware Selection window will appear. Select the image you want to use and click the “<< Device Type” button. Then click Next

Highlight the device you want to upgrade and click Start. This starts the firmware download and upgrade process.