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Increase the SNMP poll interval timeout

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Hello, I have Extreme OneView running on the main site.
From there, I have an unstable vpn to a remote site.
Because of this, I receive a lot of SNMP alarms of the switches on the remote site.

How can I increase the SNMP poll timeout value?
For example, I would like that I get an alarm, if SNMP polling fails 10 times in a row the last 2 minutes.

Many thanks and best regards,

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These are the steps below to increase the SNMP poll timeout values:

1. Start NetSight Console
2. Click Tools > Options > Suite Options > Status Poling
3. Increase both SNMP Retries and Timeouts
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SNMP settings are in. Click Tools > Options > Suite Options > Advanced SNMP Settings.
The one you told me are ICMP setting. But thank you anyway 🙂

One more. Can I configure them specific by device?