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Individual Interface Alarms in XMC

  • 14 June 2019
  • 4 replies

Is it possible to configure, or does anyone have any alert templates for, individual interface alarms(Up/Down)? I would like to be able to configured interface up/down alarms for specific ports on switches (Uplinks and APs) but not get an alarm each time a user port goes Up/Down on the same switch.

4 replies

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you'd create a new device group...

Then add the port to the device group...

And then in the alarm select the Device Group as a Additional Criteria.

In that case you should only get a alarm for a link down if the port is part of this Device Group.

Would the device group, ex. APs, be able to span multiple devices or would each device need its own device group?
NVM, I think my answer is self-explanatory. Thank you !
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You'd put ports of different devices in one device group.

E.g. I've 4ports in my group - 3 ports of my switch and 1 from my FW