Inventory Manager config backup TFTP configuration script transfer failed

  • 7 October 2020
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Hi folks,

I have a question regarding the scheduled automatically backup of config files in the Netsight Inventory Manager.
Netsight Inventory Manger

e.g. C5G124-24P2 switch

I noticed an error message in the Inventory Manger, that the tftp configuration upload has failed.(screenshot attached).

My question is, which side is initiating the config upload, is that the switch or the Netsight Server?

I need this information in order to find the right way of troubleshooting.

Many thanks.


3 replies

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Netsight is initiating an SSH to the switch and from the switch CLI he is pushing the config to the XMC (himself) via TFTP/FTP/etc


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  1. Right click the device and click “terminal” 
    It should be able to terminal into the device without username/password input

  2. Right click the device → Archives → Inventory Settings
    Make sure the device has the correct file transfer method (Default TFTP) and for C5 it should be set to “controlled by device type”

    I believe the C5 product uses an SNMP set to issue the TFTP command. 

  3. In XMC → Administration → Diagnostics → Server → Server Diagnostics
    Set the following to Verbose:
    Inventory Manager
    Inventory Manager script
    Telnet/SSH command shell

    Hit OK

    Run the backup test and wait for it to fail

    Turn off diagnostics

  4. Check the /usr/local/Extreme_Networks/NetSight/appdata/logs/server.log for what may have gone wrong. 


The error indicates a problem with the tftp transfer, it might be a good idea to test it by using the same tftp command that was attempted in the debug on the switch through a terminal session. Beware, there is a security feature on XMC to prevent tftp services from generating a file.  You need to manually create a file with the same name in the tftpboot directory and then use the same name in the tftp command on the switch to overwrite the manually generated file with the configuration.



Thank you guys,

I will check that.

I need to check also the ASA firewall between the Netsight server and the devices.