(Inventory Manager) "Execute Show Support Script" stops at ~8272 Lines

Hi there,

I noticed this issue first in Version with a Bonded S4-Chassis.

The full length "show support" should have about 70.000 lines, but the implemented "Execute Show Support Script" in Inventory Manager stops @ about 8.272 lines with the "exit" Command!

Does anyone else see this issue?
Or is there a solution?

Thanks in advance,

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It may be best to follow this article and contact GTAC for more information. https://gtacknowledge.extremenetworks.com/articles/How_To/How-to-troubleshoot-Inventory-Manager-scri...
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I was receiving incomplete show supports and GTAC told me to do the following on the netsight server. GTAC said inventory manager was timing out while waiting for results. I understand this modification has to be made each time netsight is upgraded.

Begin message from GTAC

Add the following line to the file:

Add line:

Save the file and then restart the server. This will give the operation more time to finish
Hey Curtis,
Thanks for your comment.
Unfortunately we have a Virtual Appliance, and I can't find the File NetSight_Install_Path/NetSight/appdata/NSJboss.properties

Do you know where this is in the Linux File System?

I found it!!!

Now the "show support" delivers the entire output!!

Thanks you very much!