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Is it possible to sync the time and date of each switch using NetSight to an NTP server?

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We have a mix of X460 G2 and X440 switches that each have their own local time set on each device that is not the same. Is it possible to use NetSight / Extreme Management to sync the time of all switches to an NTP server?

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You could execute a script to configure all the switches on the network to the desired NTP server.
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Be sure you add the correct vr when you do your script or it will not work. Also if you want to to be your local time then you will need to add a line with how many minutes you are plus or minus UTC and if your in the US and have daylight savings time you can add that too. Here is our complete config lines you can script. If you want to use a dns name then you will also have to add your dns server if you have not all ready on a separate line... Of course if you manage via a different vr you would just replace your vr name..

configure timezone -360 autodst
configure sntp-client primary vr VR-Default
configure sntp-client broadcast vr VR-Default
configure sntp-client update-interval 600
enable sntp-client