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Is NetSight 6 generally available?

  • 24 April 2014
  • 2 replies

Is NetSight 6 generally available? I only see v5 at https://extranet.enterasys.com/downloads/Pages/NMS.aspx

Are existing v5 licenses still valid or do they need to be migrated to v6 licenses?


2 replies

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It is in Early Release. If you want access you can contact GTAC to have them give your account permissions.

I believe the v5 license I had did not need upgraded, but I know there was some conversations around if certain phrases are in the licenses keys those won't work.
Thanks Ben, I don't need Early Access, I am quite happy to wait for the GA release. I just noted that there were a number of documents (and a Heartbleed patch) referring to NS6.