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Is there a method to automatically disable unused ports after X time?

I'm looking for a way to automatically administratively disable ports after they have been unused after X time. Is this something that is possible using Extreme Management Center? Has anyone successfully done this and have information to share on how they accomplished this?

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this is not a build-in feature of Extreme Management Center, however the manual way can be accomplished quite easily:

Manual way = check how long is the port down by executing flexview = How Long is the port down
then filter only those ports what are down for long period.
Then you can disable those ports.

The automatic way may use the new feature called workflows = you can define activities and conditions what will be executed...



I'm looking into how easy it is to add another column for Admin state, so we can easily disable and enable. If you can provide any help. That would be great.

For some reason, right clicking to get a menu to disable selected ports we want to disable is not working. maybe by design. And doing edit one by one is hard as well. Want a way to multi select and disable on the flex view screen.

as for workflow, is this an extra available feature with a server and license for 8.1.4?
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This feature is available in 8.2.