Is there a user guide for netsight Alarms Manager.

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Is there a user guide for netsight Alarms Manager. I'm trying to create a trap that will alert me when a device has connected to our network and record and email the MAC Address and IP Address.

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Hi Nola,

What version of NetSight/Extreme Management Center are you running? I can guide you to the correct guide.


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Netsight Thanks John,
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Here are the specific topics that should help you:

Alarms Manager Window:

How to Configure Alarms in Alarms Manager:

How to Configure Custom Alarm Criteria in Alarms Manager:

The Alarms Manager information is embedded in the Console User Guide, which may contain additional topics relevant to what you're trying to do. That's located here:

You can find alarms-specific information in the Console User Guide PDF by pressing CTRL+F and entering your search parameters.

Hope this helps!

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Does extreme have any video training courses on Netsight. My environment has a mixture of enterass and extreme OS. I need to see if Netsight has the same capability of Solar winds. Trying to find out which network device is using a large amount of bandwidth, find latency on the network and know when a configuration change has been made on a switch.