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"K-AC-PS-1400W" vs. "K-AC-PS"

  • 27 August 2015
  • 3 replies

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Dear all.

what is the detailed difference between the two power supply models "K-AC-PS-1400W" and "K-AC-PS"?

I am not able to read out the serial number of the "K-AC-PS-1400W" via NetSight flex view.
With the "K-AC-PS" it works.

does this make sense?

thanks for your help in advance

3 replies

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To the best of my knowledge the K-AC-PS-1400W and K-AC-PS are built to the same power specifications and by design are intended to function the same - with one exception: The original K-AC-PS-1400W fan runs at a constant speed, while the later-released K-AC-PS has a variable-speed fan.

I am checking with my colleagues regarding this background question, and regarding what you have reported for behavior. More to follow...
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The very low number of K-AC-PS-1400W units available for testing has prevented the rapid verification I was hoping for here. However, it is now looking like there are two unique functional aspects of this model as compared with the K-AC-PS:
Constant-speed fan, and non-support of serial number visibility via SNMP.
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This is now documented in GTAC Knowledge article