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List of port device X series

Do anyone say me why in netsight I show the list of the port of my switch (X series) in this way 1,2,1000 1002, 1003 ecc ....?
Instead the list of port of the switch B5 series is ge 1.1, ge 1.2 ecc.....

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That is the output of the MIB OID for interface index.

The interface index is not only used for ports but also for VLANs, mgmt port, virtual router,...

That is the reason it's just a number and not e.g. ge.1.1

You'd use the OID ifName= instead which gives you the e.g. 1:1 instead.

OK thanks ...I learned a new thing with MIB tool...Finally I Knew what is MIB tools...

But the problem I'm talking about the view prepacked inside the NetSight that it is not editable