Loggin Guest Connections


we use WLAN Guest Access withhelp from Guestportal on C4110 WLAN Controller.

We also use als some basic funktionality from Enterasys NetSight Management (Console,Inventory Manager, Policy Manager not yet used)

I've got the challange to resolve the question:

"how can we prove which guest connect when which public IP Address."

How can i resolve this?

Can we log Guest Access Connections with NetSight Managment and who, or does we Need some Kind of NAC Managment Options/Module?

Any hint's about this?



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You could use RADIUS accounting but If you did switch over to using NAC as the portal interface, you would get more granular reporting about each user. Device type, IP & MAC, Time connected and Username would all show up in OneView.
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You could also enable accounting local on the controller - the topic below show a example of such record...