MetaData variables in Python XMC scripts

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Hello all,

how is the correct value assignement for variables in the META section of an python script?

TCL scripts show's like these:

#@ScriptDescription "Copy config while onboarding"
#@SectionStart (description = "Select configuration" )
#@VariableFieldLabel (description = "ConfigName"
# type = String
# scope = device
# )
set var ConfigName ""

How do you have to replace set var ConfigName "" in python?
If I try ConfigName = "" the Device Settings section is empty if I run the script.

So what is the correct syntax?

Best regards

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here is the working solution for my problem for the sake of completeness:

#@VariableFieldLabel (description = "ConfigName",
# type = String,
# scope = global
# )
set var ConfigName

#To use the variable
configfile = emc_vars["ConfigName"]

Best regards