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Migrating Netsight from one server to another


I need to migrate my Netsight server from a Windows 2003 server to a Windows 2008 server. What are the steps to go about this?

I think I have an idea how to do this but wanted to get the steps clarified.


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First, find out where your backups are located and copy out the whole directory.
In Console, Go to 'Tools->Options->Database Backup'and locate the Database Backup Path there.
Once the other server is up and installed, you can pull in that database by reviewing the following.

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The DB backup doesn't include all the Netsight Suite data.

Here some more files that need to be saved/restored....

This list isn't complete as Extreme Networks wasn't able to deliver a full list that describe the whole backup/restore process of the Netsight Suite.

Thanks for your answers I shall be doing this on friday! As I am upgrading my netsight as well from version to the latest will I need to do this upgrade before migrating the database or can I simply restore the database onto a clean install version 6.*.* ?
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You should never restore a DB with a different version = don't import a 4.0 backup into a 6.x installation.

Thanks Ron, I will firstly upgrade my net sight to 6 then restore the database on a new install of the same level