Missing -> Power Supply Status in EMC from x440G2-48p-10G4 (in stack) XOS: -patch1-4

Hi, i have EMC and x440G2-48p-10G4 (in stack) XOS: -patch1-4 with External Power Supply (STK-RPS-1005PS).
1. Missing Power Supply Status in EMC (Network->Devices->Switch->Power and Fan Status)
2. No Warning or No Error if missing Internal or External Power Supply in EMC

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Hello Paul,

If you close out of the Device View and then go back it does it present data?

If it still does not work then please try querying that device with the following FlexView:

XOS System Power

You can use the FlexView by right clicking on the device and selecting View > FlexView

To get notifications of power supply failed/normal you will need to setup traps on that device. To do that you should be able to right click on that device and select Device > Register Trap Receiver. You can verify that the correct SNMP credential is used for this under Administration > Option > Trap.