Monitor a specific vlan on an XOS uplink port in NetSight

I need to monitor rhe utilization on a specific vlan on an uplink port. The port is tagged with many vlan's but I'm only interested in monitoring one or two of them.

Anybody who knows how this can be done in NetSight?


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i'm not sure if it can be done.

There's a command to enable vlan statistics in EXOS:
configure ports monitor vlan >vlan_name>[/code]The statistics can then be displayed with the commands
show ports {port_list} vlan statistics {no-refresh}
show vlan {vlan_name} statistics {no-refresh}[/code]Unfortunately, the documentation indicates that these statistics are generated in real time and are not logged...

There are MIB variables available, though:

You may want to give it a try, though, as things may have changed in the latest releases...
Thank you Daniel.

I am aware about the XOS command but it doesn't fullfill my requirements, but the MIB's might do. I'll try to build a FlexView in Netsight with the MIB variables and see what kind of results I'll get.