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monitor windows server with netsight

how do you get a windows server and netsight to communicate. i would like to have netsight monitor my windows servers and report back on status, ex, drive space, network uptime, system health, and the like.

can it be done? and exactly how?

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The good news is it can be done. The server needs to be configured to respond to snmp. At this point you just add the IP and credentials to NetSight. The complicated part is building a flexview to provide the information you want. I have gotten ours to report procrsser utilization but it reports by core and I have not been able to find a way to average the numbers. Best of luck,
I would use Zabbix, Nagios, Cacti, PRTG or something else. Netsight is great for switches etc.. But those other tools will have built in things you can just monitor on a nice dashboard without a ton of setup. Although Nagios has a steep learning curve.
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Hi, i would use netsight to monitor others vendors and informations about this, the netsight only monitor troughput.
Its possible create a flex view and create reports using this flex view with data historical??? or flex view is only to view a read of actual state??