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NAC - AP38xx identified as device family Kindle

  • 19 June 2015
  • 3 replies

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I've enabled MAC auth (allow all) on my D2 to get more data in my NAC DB.
Everything is working but my AP38xx are identified as Kindle devices (screenshot below).
I'm running Netsight/NAC

Any idea, should it show the correct model or are the AP38xx's not yet in the NAC fingerprinting DB.


3 replies

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Ronald, Support for AP38xx series are in, which was released yesterday. You would need to download the binaries for Netsight and NAC devices and upgrade them both for support in accordance with the release notes.
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- upgraded Netsight&NAC to
- deleted the end-system in NAC (all checkmarks set - delete all info)
- reboot the AP3825i so a new authentication is done

Still the device is identified as a Kindle.
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Hi Ronald, can you please open an online case or call one in. You can reference this url. We suspect the OS-detect method is off. This is typically based on DHCP option 55 for fingerprinting. So that is why we ask most routers to forward a helper-ip to the NAC(s) IP. We just listen to DHCP packets for this reason. A trace should tell us what if you can capture this process from the NAC or in between point. Most customers do not authenticate their AP's via NAC, so we may not have seen this before based on that assumption.

Additionally, we can enable the following debug using following methodology discussed here.