NAC End-system administration

We are about to start roll out of the Extreme Access control, I am the only person with much knowledge with Administering NAC. We have local Technical Support Specialists that we want to have limited access to view what end-systems are connecting and be able to trouble shoot those devices. Can anyone point me in the direction I should go with setting those users up with limited access? And I am also looking for a video or Tutorial on end-system trouble shooting.

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Hi Daniel,

Please use below search link check details for all kind of NAC troubleshooting.

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I think you can grant the support read-only access to the end-systems tab.
So they can find every end-system and can see, what the NAC rules did with them.

Dependend on your authentication method, they can then check, e.g. if the Mac is registered, or the certificate expired, etc.
Read only for the switches wouldn't be a bad idea, too.
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Here a link to a old post on how to create a new user with limited capabilities ...