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NAC - Guest Registration for Time-based Wireless Access (How-to)

Hi Community,

I have a client that has Netsight, NAC and a C4110 Wireless controller.

The objective is as follows:

1. Create an SSID for guests
2. Guests should be presented with a Portal where they are required to create an account to have access
3. Access to this SSID is only to be available after hours (16:30 to 7:55)

From looking through the Hub, I can see that this is totally possible by using NAC, creating a rule and associating it with a time and an SSID.

I am just finding it a little hard to find a guide on how to exactly do this step by step. The SSID is created, and it works, however the portal and NAC portion is still a little tricky.

I am sure that it is pretty simple, as the info that I have gone through seems to indicate this.

Does anyone have a guide that they can share ?

Thanks a mil !


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Jis Dewald, Bel my dan help ek jou 😉
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I'm going through older threads and wanted to ask if you still need assistance with this.