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NAC mobile style page

Just beginning to use NAC for guest network. The web pages display perfectly on a PC but are too big for the mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Android. I am assuming that that I can control this in the mobile style sheet of the Look and Feel. If this is right can someone give me some pointers on how to do this? Thanks in advance.

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You'd try this....
Thanks Ronald. I guess what I'm looking for is that the guest access web pages we are using are fine when you're on a laptop using IE, Chrome, etc.. What my problem is that the same pages are too big for mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Android. Is there something special that has to be done to show these pages on mobile devices?
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Could you please post a example to get a better unterstanding what "too big" is.

That's how the portal look on my IPhone screen...fine in my opinion.

Ronald, isn't that determined by the device type that is fingerprinted in the NAC? Tha's exactly the way ours should look but I don't think the NAC know what type of Apple device it is.
Ronald. What version of NAC Manager are you running. Also, What wireless vendor are you using. We are using Aruba Networks but I don't think the controllers have anything to do with this. GTAC said the problem is fixed in Is that what you are running.
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Hi, I'm running latest 7.0 code and use ExtremeWireless.