NAC moving from 4.4 to 6.3: restore nac configuration error

Hi Team,

We have done a backup of Netsight db and NAC db running both in 4.4.

Re-install of Netsight moving from 4.4 32bit to 6.3 64 bit. Restore of Netsight DB -> all ok.

Re-install of NAC-IA-20 moving from 4.4 32 bit to 6.3 64 bit. Restore of NAC DB -> error messages related to groups. For example the BLacklist group that is a default group is no more presente in 6.3.

Any suggestion ?



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Emanuel, can you explain the upgrade path of both the Netsight Server and the NAC?
Jumping the database from 4.4 to 6.3 directly is not good.
Hi Mike,

We have NMS 4.4 and NAC-IA-20 4.4 both 32 bit. NAC-IA-20 32bit is no more supported in 6.3. For this reason we need to move to 64bit releases.
We tried this procedure:
- backup NMS DB 4.4
- backup NAC DB 4.4
- install a fresh NMS 6.3 64bit
- restore the backuped NMS DB -> no errors
- install from scratch NAC-IA-20 using 6.3 64bit image
- restore the backuped NAC DB -> a lot of errors (e.g. default group such as Blacklist is no more there)

Can you suggest the right procedure ?

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I’m interested in the answer of this, since i’m actually planning to upgrade one of my customer NMS/NAC with the same version as mentioned here. Perhaps anyone could share his experience.


I do suggest though, it might perhaps be helpful to first upgrade the NAC from 4.4.x 32 bits to 5.x.x 32 bits before exporting the DB.

Then installed the NAC from scratch to 6.x 64 bits.

Have you try this way?


Found a working solution. Here you are:


- Starting from 4.4 32 bit

- Upgrade to 5.1 32 bit

- Upgrade to 6.3 32 bit

- Backup the NMS DB

- Fresh install a NMS 6.3 64bit and restore the previously done backup on it

- The result is a perfectly working NMS 6.3 64 bit and the NAC Manager will be able to take care the upgraded NAC GW (see below)


- Starting from 4.4 32bit running on a NAC appliance (NAC-IA-20)

- Fresh reinstall a 6.3 64bit

- Enforce the configuration from the upgraded NMS (see above)