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NAC portal - different features/options

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Hi, is there a document/matrix available that explain in short what the different features/options do.

feature1/option1 = guest client get web portal and just has to provide a name to get access
feature2/option2 = guest client get web portal and needs username/pw which is provided from sponsor

I've a hard time in every installation to get the right one as in my opinion the description is very cryptic.
i.e. which one is the right if I like to have a open/none SSID with a portal that requires username/pw from a sponsor... no clue...


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Hi Ron, if you open this up as an online case, I can manifest a feature request from there.
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Just opened one - the ticket# is 01175842.

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What's the status on that - I can't even find the ticket in my case view.
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Hello all,

for me, this explanation would also be very valuable and I think this should be self-evident.

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i agree with Ron - i have to read the explanation twice or more to understand the difference between the several modes (because the title and explantions are not easy to keep in mind) ...

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