NAC Private VLAN / Protected Port

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how is it possible to define a port as protected port via NAC (Maybe Radius Attributes)?
The aim is a private vlan implementation for some users.
Is it also possible for multiuser authentification at one edge port?


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Hello Ronny,

It is not possible to set a protected port via NAC or RADIUS attributes. You can define a VLAN to be used, but the "protected port" feature that prevents protected ports from seeing other protected port traffic is not possible.

It is possible for multi-user authentication at one edge port. Different model switches have different user limitations so I would recommend that you check the release notes for the device you're looking into to determine specific user count limitations.

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Defining "protected ports" aka "private vlans" is a nice feature request.

on my current project is was nice if this would be possible but it is not!
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on EXOS you can use "port isolation" - see at my other tread "Feature "Protected Port" needed - EXOS and S-Series"