NAC push policies from X460G2 to older x440(g1)

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We have got two X460G2 switches as a core stack and a couple of (older g1) X440 stacks on the access layer.
This X440 switches don't support policies, but I have been told that it is possible deploy NAC on the X460G2's and to push policies to the X440 switches from the x460G2's.

Can anybody confirm that this is possible and if so where to find documentation?

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if we talk about OnePolicys, the x460G2 support them. OnePolicy are an PolicyFramework configured via SNMP from the NMS. During the Netlogin vi NAC authentication, the OnePolicy can be used per authenticated end-user.

Netlogin can be used on the x440 (g1) as well, but no OnePolicy can be used.