NAC sms integration with International numbers

  • 6 April 2017
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I have NAC with SMS integration working fine for national numbers. However, when I use an international number, the NAC deletes the fist "+" and only shows the numbers i.e. 34xxxxxxxxx.

No SMS is send as the SMS provider only gets the digits, not the plus at the beginning.

Any ideas?


2 replies

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This is per design but Engineering is looking to change that and allow a way to use the "+" as far as I know. You can try 00 and that may work, as I found with a different customer.


Scott Keene
NMS/NAC Support
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Thanks Scott.

The 00 doesn't work in my case, as the SMS provider only allows the "+" sign.

Currently a CR is under evaluation for Netsight 8.0 to have this fix. Maybe in 7.1.2 as well.

Gtac (Rotaru) is helping me on this.

Thanks for replying!