NAC - speed up portal authentication

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Is there a way to speed up the NAC portal authentication.
So the guest get the portal page and select to accept the use policy but then it took a while to get the success - there is this loading animation.

Anyone know a trick to make it faster ?


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Hi Ron, Exactly how long is it taking?
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I get the "registration in progress" animation for about 10-20 seconds.
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I use a bridge@EWC topology and the roles are contain to VLAN - they client doesn't change the VLAN only different roles/ACLs for unregistered/guest access.
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That is actually a very good speed. During the transition to the policy or vlan that is assigned after the registration occurs, you must remember that there is a re-auth that takes place, and hence another IP Resolution process that also occurs, prior to NAC redirecting the page to whatever URL. That is a good time; some take upwards of 30 seconds. Everyone’s networks is different and if they are changing vlans that can exacerbate the delay.
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We had a discussion with an extreme engineer last week about some changes made in the latest NAC release that can at least speed up the appearance of connecting. If I remember correctly it involved skipping the accessing /registration redirect page and instead having the NAC agent throwing up a dialog box if the process failed. As always there are trade offs and network designs vary greatly. It may be worth a look.
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mobile device like Iphone android OS,NAC portal is very slow.
iphone display portal page need 1-2 minute
android can't display portal page
how to slove it?