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How can I get the Dashboard to shows switch names instead of IP's? I don't have DNS resolution on my network equipment so can it just insert the system name instead of the IP? Running EMC


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I'm not sure how to do it in the web GUI, go to Network, Legacy, and fire up Console through the Java app. Once in Console, go to Tools, Options. Under Suite Options, Click Data Display Format and check the Radio button for "Use System Name". This change should reflect in the Web GUI as well.
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Hi Rich,

I already had that enabled. OneView shows the device name in everything except the dashboard where it shows IP's.

Thanks for the pointer, maybe this is an issue with OneView?
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Are you looking for DNS name resolution? There's an option for that in there too if so. I'm using the same version of EMC as you are and my switches are showing names in the dashboard.
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Do you have your switches populated within your DNS server? If so and you have DNS resolution turned on that would make sense. I don't have my switches in DNS so name resolution won't help me unless I create a Host file on the server.
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Yes, and I just realized that the ones that don't have an A record in DNS only show IP address.
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So this seems to be an issue with the dashboard not being able to use Nicknames or System Names.
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I think it's because the dashboard is more like a report - in that case a pre-defined one and the settings for the names do not apply to them .... but I'd be wrong 🙂