Need SNMPv3 traps for multiauth failed status


We have some Extreme B5 switch and NetSight for the management and recently implemented the 802.1x authentication and I would like to set traps if somebody connect to our network and the authenticaton will fail. In NetSight I get traps when a link is down or someone login one of the switches but not when Multiauth failed.
Here is the SNMP config:
set snmp access netsight security-model usm privacy exact read All write All notify All nonvolatile
set snmp group netsight user netsight security-model usm
set snmp notify TVInformTag tag TVInformTag inform
set snmp notify TVTrapTag tag TVTrapTag
set snmp targetaddr TVac317TV1netsight (ip address) param TV1netsight mask taglist TVTrapTag nonVolatile
set snmp targetparams TV1netsight user netsight security-model usm message-processing v3 privacy
set snmp user netsight authentication sha password encryption aes privacy password
set snmp view viewname All subtree 1[/code]EngineID is set in the switches and also in the snmptrapd configuration. But this is can't be an issue because I get traps except for multiauth failed.

Somebody have some idea how can I set this trap?

Thank you in advance,

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I got the solution.
set multiauth trap port ge.1.1-48 failed [/code]So with this setting I got traps when a computer cannot be authenticated.