Nesight 7 / Extreme Control 7 - Information regarding One Policy missing

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since working some time with "Extreme Control 7" I'm missing some information.

In legacy Policy Manager -> Role -> Device Support Tab the includes end excludes rules are not shown any more. Also in the Web-GUI I can't find this information.

In the Web-GUI Device Section -> User Session the 802.1X user name is not listed. In the old PM-GUI this information is still provided:

Another thing is the accessibility of the compas tool, which is a quite cool one. Maybe you can bring it more in front of the Web-GUI and not hide it in advanced search section pull down menu.

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In we have add some function for the EWC which break that view. we have an Change Request to fix that in the next release and patch.

we have some internal discussion to get the Compass Search moved somehow upfront not sure when that happen, but confirmed this is something we can adjust.