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Net Sight Map Access denied

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We created a Map in Netsight and added 4 devices and Saved the Map. When I click on the map now it says
Access Denied :This map contains devices that are restricted from view by your user group.
We have only one user in Netsight.

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Could you post a screenshot of the error message and is the user in the default group that has all rights or not.

Here a link to a article on how to change the group privileges...

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I saw that behavior also in previous versions. are you running the latest 7.0.8 ?
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We are using Netsight Suite

There are multiple maps created and dont have access only for 2 maps. We have only one user Root and added the User to Netsight Administrator which has full access. Maps was created using the same Root account.
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Hi Sandeep,

Please check if you see any difference between below map properties from working to not working

[i][i]Map name

Map type

Parent map

Pan/zoom control

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I can check the details only on the map for which I have access, rest of the Maps says access denied.
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Its solved after restarting the service(nsserver restart/stop/start) on the Netsight