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Netsight 5.1 and Java

  • 16 April 2014
  • 4 replies

What is the current supported version of Java for Netsight 5.1?

4 replies

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I consulted with my NetSight support colleagues.

NetSight 5.1 supports up to the latest Java release (the latest available at www.java.com is Version 7 Update 55). Due to issues seen with some earlier versions, on general principle you should run Version 7 Update 51 at a minimum.

is Java 8 supported by version 5.1?
And wat is the latest supported Java Version for the most recent Netsight Version (does it even use Java any more?)?
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I've the latest Netsight installed and use Java 8 build 31 without any issues....
ok, thanks, thats good to know. But we'Re still using Netsight 5.1. Anyone got some info about java 8 and Netsight 5.1? 🙂