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netsight 6 java error unsigned entry found in jar

  • 17 April 2014
  • 5 replies

since Netsight upgrade from 5 to 6 ( the Console cannot start, if Java Cache is disabled. After downloading and loading the console application (console.jnlp) an error occours "Unable to start application" with the Detail "com.sun.deploy.net.JARSigningException: Found unsigned entry in resource: http://netsight:8080/Clients/plugins/AclMgr/forms-1.0.5.jar"

Set Java Cache Config to default (Cache enabled) works around the problem.

solution found here: http://blog.atlashost.eu/post/found-unsigned-entry-in-resource-java-web-start.html

5 replies

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Hi Stefan. I will send along a note to our Netsight experts. Thank you!
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We would be interested in the java version running if possible I
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Java 1.7.0u40 has been released by Oracle with a fix for the previously announced release 1.7.0u25 which caused NetSight Client compatibility issues with that Java update (see our previous email dated 6/27/13 "NetSight/Java Incompatibility Announcement"). Since then, we had been recommending customers to stay with the older update of Java or launch the Java control panel and perform steps for a workaround.
With the 1.7.0u40 version, the workarounds are no longer needed and the compatibility issues have been resolved. Versions between update 25 and 40 should not be used.

I run Java 1.6.0u24 and 1.7.0u51. If I disable Java Cache, it doesn´t work. With default settings, Java Cache enabled it works.
Thanks for the fast response.
FYI i just ran into this issue with java version 8 update 40 and netsight The java cache workaround is still effective, but i would prefer to not use it. Thanks much.