How can i upgrade netsight 6.1 to 6.2

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Netsight 6.2 is not released yet - if you'd like to test the beta version you need to contact the GTAC to get access to the software.

The upgrade is pretty easy, copy the file on the Netsight server, change the file attribute to r/w with "chmod 777 filename" and start the file with ./filename

Grap a cup of coffee and wait till the uprgade is finsihed and you'd enjoy the endless potential of Netsight 6.2 🙂
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When does Netsight 6.2 will be released?
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there were new release notes for yesterday, a lot of fixes regardig NAC. Guess its already available under controlled release if you contact GTAC. But its always a good idea to be patient until the GA date 🙂
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Just to clarify, 6.2 is currently in an early access release, not beta. It is fully supported, but GTAC just needs to be contacted to gain access. The planned GA is mid March.
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It's showed up in the portal for me, so looks like it's gone GA. My Netsight server is upgrading now 🙂
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It's GA now, right.
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Grosjean, Stephane wrote:

It's GA now, right.

Yes, the GA build is the one that was previously Early Access. NetSight GA version is