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NetSight 7.0.3 Policy Manager port information problems with legacy Enterasys devices

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Hello guys,

I have a customer in trouble with NetSight's PM (java client) port information with legacy Enterasys gear (A2/B2/E1)...

Even being unsupported (EOSL), these devices still running on the customer site and after the upgrade of the NS from version 6.3 to the version the issues arised.

On 6.3 when the customer tries to config ports on the "Details View" or "Ports" tabs, on these devices sometimes it shows no ports, sometimes it shows only ports from 12 to 24 (or 48), and even more oddly, sometimes it works fine. Even a refresh or restart the application doesn't solve the problem in many cases.

Other issue is on the "Port Usage" tab... The same behavior is shown... Sometimes it shows about the second half of the port's (12 and beyond) authenticated ports, sometimes it doesn't return any information and sometimes it works fine...

It used to work on the 6.3 version, but after the upgrade we are having problems with it.

Any idea?

Best regards


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According to the Legacy Product Firmware Support, the following HW and FW combinations should work for Netsight 7.0:

A2 3.02.xx 3.03.xx
B2 4.00.xx 4.01.xx 4.02.xx
B3/C3/G3 6.03.xx 6.42.xx 6.61.xx
C2 5.00.xx 5.01.xx 5.02.xx

If you have one of this versions, then I suggest to wait to see if anyone from Extreme Replies.

Hope it helps.
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Hi Jordi,

The FW seems supported...

Let's see if some of the Extreme's guys have any ideas.

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To you have the same issue with the web PM or is it only the java view ?
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Ron wrote:

To you have the same issue with the web PM or is it only the java view ?

Hi Ron,

No info on the web too.
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Hi Leo,

i think the best way is to freeze netsight as long as you run this old devices.

i think more and more you run into issues because because this old devces run out of vendors eyes.

Netsight 6.3 (latest version) run stable and should give your customer all the needed features to run his legacy devices ....

Another advice - try version latests 7.0.9 - maybe the have fixed some issue (regardless what release notes tell).

At last is see there is a document (part of the netsight 7.0 documentation) called: "Extreme Control Center Firmware Support for Legacy Products" which explizit sate that A2 / B2 / any other Enterasys stuff is still supported - try lastest V7.0.9 and if it does not work open a GTAC Case.

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Hi Matthias,

I can ask the customer to upgrade the NMS to 7.0.9, but he will be suspicious if there's any evidence that we can solve the issue with the update.

I think it's better to open a GTAC case prior to the upgrade.