Netsight 7 "Real Time Response Graph"

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Hi All

With Netsight 7 as part of the Analytics we have a new "Real time" application/Network response graph.

When you see a spike in Network or application response, you can click on it and it will display the application flows. If you look at the flows themselves non of the flows spike to the peak that was displayed in the graph.

So this leads to my question is the graph a sum of all the Network/Application response times at that specific time.
So for example I see a network response time of 3 seconds, when I have a look at flows that are all sitting at about 1,2ms. So I would presume the 3 seconds was a sum of all the flows together.

I am correct?


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So, it looks like an application or flow with a long response time is not showing.
Can you change the max # of rows to 1000 from 100 and sort by highest value?
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Hi Andre, did Mike's suggestion help?