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Netsight 8 enforcement to V2110 WLAN controller fails with event message

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we have a virtual WLAN controller V2110 configured with different "Topology Names" (VLAN-ID tagged on esa0 in B@EWC mode) because all traffic from the WLAN Users should be tunneled to the EWC and come out at esa0.
One "Topology Name" is configured as physical interface and tagged for VLAN-ID 410 with IP address so that it will be possible to manage the EWC and allow APs to registrate.

If we try to enforce with Netsight 8 the policies to the LAN switches everything is OK.

But if we try to enforce the policies to the WLAN controller, it will failed with event message:

Policy Manager can not manage Wireless Controller ( with a configuration using an EWC physical VLAN (410[INTERNAL PHYSICAL1]). Change the domain configuration to use a different VLAN (410[WLAN-Mgmt]), and be sure the 'Always write to device' option is not selected for this VLAN. Right-click the VLAN in the Access Control Configuration view and select 'Role/Service Usage to see/edit where the VLAN is used.

In VLAN 410 resist all my APs and they should registrate themselfs against the EWC. The outher options to configure at the EWC is "routed, B@AP or B@EWC".

Or have we use a separate (different) Policy Domain only for the EWC?


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Hi, yes you should have a own Policy domain for wireless.

To tell the true I personally configure the roles/rules on the wireless controller and use policy manager just to sync from the controller to PM to have a "backup" in PM.
So I never enforce roles/rules from EMC to the controller.

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Hi Ron,

thanks for your answer.

I have create a separate policy domain and import the policies fom the V2110 but netsight showes the controller still as down (Web-Frontend, tab wireless, dashboard, wireless overview)

If I choos the tab "network" instead of dahsboard, I can see the SSID and the AP.

Via "Network" and "Devices" and right click on the controller I can open a web-shell and the controller is reachable via SNMP.

Any ideas why it's still shown as down ?
To enforce the policies now is possible and there is no event message.

Best regards,
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I've found a solution for the second problem "controller is down":
I have removed it totaly from netsight and add it again.
And after enable "Collect Device Statistics" it works (but it takes about 15 minutes)
Thanks all,