NetSight 8 Https Connection Problem

Hi everyone,
I have deployed NetSight version to VM, both VMWare, and VirtualBox to test. Although I can ping the NetSight server, I can not open the browser via https with port 8443. There is no firewall issue to deny any ports. With the same conditions, I have also deployed NetSight and it works well. Is there any issue while deploying NetSight 8?

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I have no such problem. When you start the VM, it takes some time for the web server to be up and running. Were you having a 404 error? Did you try after 5-10mn?
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is 8443 open? try running "netstat -an |grep 8443" and see if there is a process listening on that port. you can also try checking the server.log file to see if it had problems binding the port.