NetSight acts as a syslog server

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Hello all,

I´ve configured NetSight to act as a syslog server a few years ago hands on an article in the Enterasys knowledgebase at talismaonline (#10792). I´ve now upgraded NetSight to 6.2 (newly installed and moved the database), but I can´t find a similar article or HowTo, how I have to configure the new NetSight (now virtual Appliance) to act as a syslog server. The syslog tab in NetSight is empty. Does anybody know, what to do?

Thanks in advance, Ralf

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Hi Ralf,

this is because of the new Ubuntu platform.

See the Migration document (last steps)

Hope that helps 🙂

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Hi Michael,

that was my problem, I think, I skipped this step of the migration 🙂

Thank you!

Regards, Ralf