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Netsight Alarm Manager - Program Execution as Action

We are having Netsight v6.3 and monitors enterasys A-Series switches.
In alarm manager, we configured custom alarm criteria for loss of redundant power failure.
We created one batch file which will be executed as action whenever the trap occurs.

This batch file will trigger one more batch file on the remote server. When we manually run the batch file it is triggering the batch file on remote server. But it is not executing while alarm condition exists,(automatically)

For testing we removed one power from A-series switch and we have seen the traps and alarms on the netsight console but the batch file is not executed on the remote server.

So we modified the batch file to trigger another batch file on the local server and it was executed while alarm condition existes (automatically)

It cannot execute batch file on remote server automatically as Action-Program.

How it can be resolved?

Contents of batch file to be executed automatically

Psexec.exe \remoteserver -u domain name\username -p password \pathname\xxxx.cmd

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I was only able to get this working if I set the NetSight Server service to log on as the Administrator account.

Start Services on the Windows system.
Right click on the NetSight Server services and select Properties
Change to the Log On tab.
Select the This Account radio button.
Enter in the Administrator user and password.
Apply the change and restart the NetSight server service.
Hi Bob Maheu,

Now the batch file is running after starting Netsight server service as Administrator

Thank you..