Netsight alarm self clear

  • 29 July 2015
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Is there a way to have alarms auto clear if the event causing the alarms clear.

7 replies

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In alarm details, third tab (other options) there is a check box for "cleared by alarms." You have to create an "alarm" that clears the first one. So if your alarm is for interface down you create another alarm for interface up and put that one in the "cleared by" option of the interface down alarm.
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Great, but what does one do with something like a Loop alarm which doesn't send a loop gone trap?
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Is the loop alarm a trap?
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Yes and know. We do have a trap, but we use the syslog for the alarm.
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I would suggest looking at syslog severity levels and see if there are any messages at the info level that say the loop condition is gone.

How about auto clear an alarm after a certain number of hours or days have passed?



I think it’s dependent whether the device sends something if the loop is gone or not. Doesn’t matter if trap or syslog. Personally I prefer to work with traps whenever possible because most manufacturer implement traps with clear defined states. So for example Fan running = trapOID.x.x.x.1, Fan defect = trapOID.x.x.x.2
This makes it a lot simpler in XMC to work with self clearing alarms then with syslog and parsed strings. Also if you have different device manufacturers in XMC, parsed syslog strings are difficult to handle.