NetSight Alarms per SMS


times a question can be seen from the NetSight®️ Console alarm per SMS

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I don't think you can connect a (GSM-) modem directly to the Netsight Server. However you could send an email to an SMS gateway or write a script that send a HTTP request to an SMS gateway. The possibilities are endless.
Thank you And where can I configure to NetSight
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What have you tried?
Still nothing at all need first time to a Manual.
Is there a guide
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You can download the NMS manual and read about events. Probably the help will help too 🙂
Which guide is what sent via SMS
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Go read the Netsight help about Alarms/Events. As I said you can trigger scripts which can do anything including an SMS gateway or whatever. If you don't feel comfortable, contact someone to do it for you.