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Hi all, I have an extreme network switches and for management purpose, netsight is installed on it, Every time, I received an alert message like "Severity: Clear Message: SNMP Contact Established: SNMP reply from device 172.18.160.xx, uptime is 412 Days 18:22:48.xx. Can someone clear about it, for what type of fault this error message is generated? Thanks, Bishnu

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Hi Bishnu,

This alarm is triggered when the SNMP communication with the device is established or reestablished.

Severity "Clear" means you are using this alarm trigger to "clear/remove" any other previous alarm (for this case would be used to remove "SNMP Contact Lost" alarm).
If you are getting these alerts and the switches are not going down you can adjust the snmp timer under the options menu. This will help reduce or eliminate false alarms.
Hi, I want to know the SNMP down time recorded alert message. But every time, it says the SNMP communication established and the switch up with time in hours or days. Basically, I want to know the time that SNMP is disconnected on the switch. Any idea please?
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There is a keyword for that. $time.
Edit your alarm options in email. Override the default or change the default to include $time. There are a multitude of options hidden away, be sure to check out the Show Keywords.