Netsight and port groups

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Trying to create a port group with Netsight 6.3 and a XOS 15.7.1 x460-g2

In oneview under policy I create a port group and try to add the x460-g2 devices to the group.

I get that it's not supported ? But XOS should be support from 15.4 ?

// Andreas

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This could be one of those things that still needs to be done through Java. I have created port groups on switches running 15.4 using Console and those port groups do not open properly in OneView. I was told this feature would be coming to OneView but am not sure of the time table.

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Hmm any extreme employees knows the answer?
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Any feedback ?
It is strange that no one is around but I am 90% sure I nailed this one. Here is a snip from my case.

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Policy support on EXOS has been introduced in 16.1.
Stephanie, I believe he is looking for port group support in OneView. It just dawned on me that I don't know if policy is an option in console.
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Yes port group support in oneview for XOS 15.4 that is what im looking for.
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The OneView tree within Netsight version 6.x does not support Port Elements.

This functionality is scheduled to be added within the Netsight v7.1 release.
Hi Mullins,

this also applies to Alarms on Console?

We are trying to monitor only the uplink ports of Extreme switches park (all x440 - XOS

Without the Port Elements Group, the Alarm "Link down" and "Link Up" detect the status of the ports and generate Alarms, but with the Port Elements Group on any port, generates no Alarm.

Netsight 6.2 here.

complementing ... during testing, the NetSight records the fall of the link in the syslog and trap
I wanted to check on this again. I have a couple customers that are now running and I was trying look at a port group to track utilization and errors.

I see many references in the guide to policy port groups but nothing about them outside of policy.

As I scrolled through this thread I noticed Keith said it would be added in 7.1. Is that correct?
Do we have an eta of when 7.1 will be out?